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Make Money While Doing Good.

Become a Virtual Farmer by buying tokens to help increase the size of a rhino herd.

Token holders get a percentage of profit generated by rhinos born from the Rhino Research Fund*.
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Help us revolutionise conservation by using our sustainable and transparent funding platform to help farmers and scientists conserve wildlife and save animals from extinction.
Having Fun While Saving The Planet.

Each baby rhino born as a result of our Rhino Research Fund will be registered in the blockchain and listed on Animal Exchange.

Follow their journey, learn about their lineage, and watch videos of the farmers caring for your baby rhino.
* No assurances can be provided regarding the number of DNA sequences, the size of the herd or rhinos or the number of calves produced. 
There are various risks involved in an investment in the tokens and we can offer no guarantee of success of the underlying research.

How it Works

Buy tokens in the Rhino Research Fund through Animal Exchange.

This fund will help Dr. Morné de la Rey increase the size of a rhino herd*.


When rhino babies are born, token holders get future rights to the offspring based on how many tokens they have purchased**.

When the new baby rhinos are sold to farmers and game reserves, the token holder will get a percentage of the sale.
Rhino Research Fund proceeds will go to:

40% - Goes to the farmers who care for the Rhinos.

30% - Goes to Dr. Morné de la Rey for reproductive research and procedures to increase the fertility of the herd.

30% - Goes to Animal Exchange to document the process, raise awareness and launch new conservation initiatives.
As the size of the rhino herd increases over 42 months, Animal Exchange will distribute a share of profits to token holders in the Rhino Research Fund.
Estimated returns

To read our comprehensive white paper on our Rhino Research Fund, our unique approach to Tokenomics and how your investment can earn you money while funding critical wildlife conservation, click here.
* There is expected to be 50 DNA Sequences extracted from a herd of up to 100 Rhinos from various farming partners with the goal of producing calves in 18 months.

** No assurances can be provided regarding the number of DNA sequences, the size of the herd of rhinos or the number of calves produced. There are various risks involved in an investment in the tokens
and we can offer no guarantee of success of the underlying research.There is no guarantee that any future rights will be distributed. Tokens may have no future value whatsoever.

Our Team

Dr. Morné de la Rey is a renowned veterinary scientist and leading specialist in animal reproduction. His work includes embryo sexing, in vitro fertilization, artificial insemination and more. As the CEO of Embryo Plus and founder of Rhino Repro, a South African organisation specializing in rhino embryos and AI, his knowledge and expertise ensures that the Animal Exchange Rhino breeding program will be a success for farmers and investors alike.

Respected the world over for his groundbreaking research into Rhino reproduction, Dr. Morné de la Rey has developed a reputation for his relentless efforts to protect and save endangered species.

Watch our Partner Dr. Morné de la Rey and his team speak to Carte Blanche about their cutting edge research.